Fishing on Topsail Island NC

Visitors to the area have many options when it comes to Topsail Island, NC fishing. Whether you prefer to stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground, to go where the big fish swim you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your fish on Topsail Island.

Fishing Piers

Visitors to Topsail Island get their pick of three fishing piers that are opened to the public — for a price. These are areas where you can fish at all hours of the day (or night depending on which pier you choose) and they have clean facilities along with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Surf City Pier

This pier is located in Surf City and currently operates 24-hours a day — year round. The original pier was built in 1948 but Hurricane Fran destroyed it in 1996 paving the way for the 1997 re-opening of the Surf City Pier in August 1997. The 937 foot long pier houses a well-stocked tackle shop, restaurant, and souvenir shop, and dining area in addition to the fishing area. One feature visitors love about this pier is the 40-foot octagon overlooking the water at the pier’s end. Fishermen appreciate the two roomy cleaning stations complete with running water.

Jolly Roger Inn and Pier

This pier extends 850 feet into the Atlantic Ocean and is in a prime location to experience some of the island’s most spectacular sunsets. The on-site tackle shop holds everything you need for a day of fishing fun in the sun including rod rentals, sun screen, ice, beer, and snacks to keep your energy up. Several package deals are available for visitors to choose from, including a spectator package if you just want to stroll around and check things out.

Sea View Fishing Pier

This pier boasts the distinction of being one of the longest piers in North Carolina at more than 1,000 feet long. That’s not all there is to know about this exciting fishing pier. It takes its family-friendly reputation seriously and doesn’t allow dogs or alcohol on the pier. It’s open 24-hours a day and has 150 parking spaces so that lack of parking should never be a deterrent.

Another reason to choose Topsail island for your fishing trip is Topsail’s close proximity to the restaurants and nightlife in Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is home to great restaurants, theaters, clubs, bars shopping, live music venues and more and it’s just a 20 minute ride from Topsail into Wilmington. Don’t want to drive? Don’t worry … Visit Pyramids Taxi Cab LLC , Wilmington NC’s best taxi and transportation company, and book one of their courteous drivers to pick you up at your hotel in Topsail, transport you into Wilmington and then deliver you back to Topsail safely. Pyramids Taxi Cab have low fixed rates for longer trips and have vans in their fleets that are capable of serving larger groups. Enjoy the best fishing in Topsail and the best nightlife in Wilmington.

If these options don’t get you exciting about fishing, there are still the options of fishing from the beach, buying a profit boat from which to fish, or chartering a boat for a deep sea fishing excursion. The sky really is the limit when it comes to fishing opportunities on or around Topsail Island, NC.

Surf City NC Rentals

by Luv the Beach

Surf City is a great choice for Topsail Island vacationing


Surf City, NC is a popular vacation destination that’s a little different from the run of the mill tourist trap. This is a vacation location that has a real family-friendly atmosphere, drips with southern hospitality, and serves up a heaping’ helping of fun for everyone in the family or group. Additionally, there are plenty of Surf City rentals in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of families and groups from all walks of life who want to call this their vacation home. So, how do you choose the right Surf City rentals to meet your vacation needs?


As with most things in life, size matters when you’re picking out your vacation rental. That philosophy holds true whether you’re vacationing in Surf City USA or Bora Bora. It’s not just about the number of beds however. Most families go on vacation for at least one week of the year. That means you’re going to be spending a lot of time together (not to mention away from some of the creature comforts otherwise known as distractions of home).

You need to select a vacation home that’s large enough for the family or group to spread out and have some privacy during the vacation. Otherwise you’re stuck in a hotel room in full view and under each others skin before the first day is done.

Here is one example of the many awesome vacation homes  and Beautiful Topsail Island real estate for sale available to be rented and purchased:


With the beautiful beaches of Surf City and the majestic Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop, you might not think amenities are all that important. However, if your day at the beach gets rained out, you’re going to want more than HBO to keep everyone entertained. Popular amenities you might look for in a Surf City vacation rental include: video game equipment, DVD players, board games, arcade games, pool tables, table tennis, gourmet kitchens, hot tubs, whirlpool baths, iPod docs, surround sound televisions. Some amenities may be more important to your family or group than others, but pairing the right amenities with the right group of people can make a great vacation truly spectacular.

Length of Stay

The longer you stay, the more room you’re going to need. It’s simply too easy for families, and even the best of friends, to get on each other’s nerves with too much proximity and too little privacy. The length of stay also has a significant impact on lodging expenses as well as lodging options. Not all vacation rentals are available for any frame of time shorter or longer than one week. Most of them have very specific rules and requirements for vacationing families.

Some, rare exceptions, offer longer lengths of stay to accommodate families and groups that would like to stay for two weeks, one month, or the entire summer. However, some of them have weeks during the summer that are booked quite a while in advance. If you plan to book for a longer length of stay, it is best to do so as early as possible in order to ensure availability.

Whether you choose to vacation in Topsail Beach, North Topsail beach or in Surf City, NC, Topsail Island rentals and Condos,  in season, book up very fast and the best homes  with the most amenities typically fill up even faster. Be sure to book your Surf City vacation rentals as soon as possible to ensure you get what you really want.

Surf City Real Estate

by Luv the Beach

Surf City NC Real Estate

Surf City, NC Real Estate Is A Great Investment

The Town of Surf City is located at the heart of Topsail Island. It also serves as the commercial hub of the island for residents and tourists alike. This is where you’ll find a wide selection of restaurants, shops, Topsail Beach Rentals and other services to meet your needs whether you’re visiting for a week or settling in to call Surf City home.

Surf City and more generally Topsail Island real estate listings are available to satisfy the needs of tourists, investors, retirees, families, and all points in between. The easy access to Wilmington and Jacksonville, North Carolina makes living in Surf City an option for working families as well as military families based at Camp Lejeune.

Life in Surf City, NC

Surf City, NC receives a great deal of visitors throughout the year. Despite this, the local population is actually quite small, 2,057 as of the 2008 census. Permanent residents have the option of blending in with the tourists and maintaining some degree of anonymity on the island, or becoming active members of the local community. There are several outstanding restaurants in Surf City and local businesses to support the needs of townspeople and tourists. Check Out

Whether you’re looking for a place to invest in real estate, to live, to work, to play, to raise your family, or to retire, Surf City offers an almost ideal setting for all these things and more.

Families in Surf City

Surf City is also home to three parks. Family Park, located on South Topsail Drive provides playground equipment for the children, a picnic area, basketball court, and a 920 foot boardwalk.

The Nelva R. Albury Recreation Area is located across the street from one of the public beach access areas (this one happens to be located on the corners of Highway 210 and Broadway Street) and adjacent to a public restroom facility. It includes a modular play system as well as a climbing feature for children.

Soundside Park on Roland Avenue has a lot to offer with climbing walls, multiple slides and swings, and other playground equipment. However, the boardwalks around the sound’s edge along with the public fishing pier are the real hits in this park for many visitors. But wait, there’s more! This park also features an amphitheater, which is put to good use during summer months with concerts, magic shows, and other performances. Picnic shelters make it an excellent setting for family gatherings and birthday parties as well.

The city also offers several summer camps for children including sports camps, arts camps, nature camps, and even wildly popular surfing camps that often fill up fast. The bottom line is that it’s tough to find a more family friendly place to call home. When you combine that with the low costs of Surf City real estate and the beautiful beach as your backdrop, it gets even harder to top.

The Surf City pier is another major attraction to the area for residents and visitors alike. The commercial pier is a hub for fishing year round and a great place for families to take a stroll, catch some fish, and grab a bite to eat while enjoying the scenery.

With so many reasons to call Surf City your home, the only thing left is to find the right piece of Surf City, NC real estate to invest in for your next home. Visit the area for more information about Topsail Island and Surf City vacation rentals and real estate for sale.